4 Reasons To Consider Laser Cutting


If you run a business in the manufacturing or processing industry, you probably need cutting for most operations. Therefore, you should use the most suitable cutting method to get quality shapes or designs and accomplish your goals. However, with many cutting processes and technologies available, it can be hard to make a choice. Laser cutting is a method that many business owners prefer due to its notable benefits, as discussed below.

1. High Precision

Laser cutting uses a laser to make cuts by melting or vaporizing materials. The light beam is focused on particular points, allowing you to make precise cuts. Since the materials evaporate, you will not experience excess material waste that can lead to rough cuts. For this reason, laser cutting is used even in aerospace and medical industries, where precision is crucial.

You can use software to program your laser cutter to make geometric patterns. Therefore, it is a reliable method if you want to make clean complex shapes.

2. Time-Saving Procedure

If you have a large-scale project, you should consider using laser cutting to complete the project on time. This method doesn't need manual tools since it will cut the materials as expected once you program the machine. However, the period will depend on the material and thickness. For instance, laser cutting aluminum may take slightly longer but is still faster than traditional methods.

The ability of a laser cutter to make clean cuts will also reduce the time taken to check quality. This is because you will be less likely to perform other finishing processes.

3. Versatility

Another benefit of using a laser cutter is that it can cut a wide array of materials. Examples are aluminum, stainless steel, wood, copper, paper, plastic, tile, and glass. You can consider different laser cutting techniques, including gas, fiber, crystal lasers. Fiber laser can be used on metals and non-metals, gas lasers are used on non-metals only, and crystal lasers can work with both metals and non-metals.

You will need to adjust the laser's heat intensity accordingly, depending on your project. Besides, you can use your laser cutter for other functions, including marking, drilling, and engraving.

4. Low Energy Consumption

Laser cutters consume less energy because they don't have moving parts requiring a lot of energy to deliver a reliable cutting force. Consequently, laser cutting can help you lower your electricity bills.

The introduction of laser cutting has benefited many business owners, and you can be one of them. You should work closely with an expert to purchase a laser cutter that works perfectly for your specific project.   


3 June 2021

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