Top Benefits Of Working With A Dimensional Inspection Lab That Works Off-Site


You might already want to hire a dimensional inspection lab to help with performing quality control inspections in your business. After all, you might know that this is a good way to make the quality control process easier for you and your employees, and you might also know that you can be more effective at quality control by taking this step, too. What you might not have decided is where you would like for the dimensional inspectors to perform their jobs. Many companies are more than happy to send a crew of inspectors out to their customers' facilities, and this does have its perks. However, you can also send your products off to the dimensional inspection lab's actual laboratory to have inspections done. If you can deal with a slight delay in getting feedback, you may find this is the best choice for these reasons and more.

Ensure They Have Access to the Right Equipment

Many dimensional inspection laboratories do have portable equipment that they can bring with them to their customers' facilities so that they can measure and weigh items and more. However, in many cases, these companies have better and more effective equipment in their own labs, and they might not always be able to take this equipment with them. By having the inspections done in their lab, you can make sure that they can access all of their best equipment when performing inspections and audits on your products.

Avoid Dealing With Space Limitations

Right now, you might already have limited space in your facility, and you might be concerned about whether or not there will be enough space for a dimensional inspection team to come in -- with all of their equipment -- to do their jobs. You might be concerned that everyone will be cramped or that there won't be enough space at all. You can avoid dealing with all of these space limitations by instead sending your products off to the lab to be tested and inspected.

Allow Them to Do a More Thorough Job

If the inspectors who are performing quality control inspections for you are able to work in a lab where they might feel comfortable -- and where they might not have as many distractions, which can be a problem in busy manufacturing facilities -- then they might be able to do a more accurate and thorough inspection. This is a good thing for your company since the whole reason why you might have hired one of these companies in the first place is probably that you want to have proper inspections done.


2 February 2021

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