Run A Mom And Pop Shop? 4 Strategies To Help You Increase Your Candy Sales


If you run a small mom and pop shop, you know how important your candy sales are. This is particularly true if you serve a large number of youthful shoppers. The youthful shoppers – young kids, and families with young kids – are going to be the biggest purchasers of the candy products in your store. To increase your candy sales, you need to make sure that you're utilizing all the best marketing strategies. Here are four simple strategies you can utilize to increase your candy sales, and make your store more profitable:

Provide Multiple Impulse Opportunities

When it comes to shopping, candy usually isn't on most shopping lists. Candy, for the most part, is an impulse item – something that's picked up on the spur-of-the-moment. Because of that, you need to provide as many opportunities for those spur-of-the-moment candy choices. You need multiple impulse opportunities throughout your store. First, always provide candy displays at each check stand. This will allow customers to grab a piece of candy as they're waiting in line. Second, always have at least one of your end-caps devoted to candy. This will allow customers to see the candy as they're shopping for their list items. Finally, always have a small candy display near your toy section; if you have one. This will ensure that kids see the candy while they're looking at the toys.

Utilize Attractive Display Boxes

When displaying name-brand candy, always leave it in the branded display boxes. This will ensure that your customers see the brand-name, identify the candy they want, and purchase their favorites. When displaying bulk candy, avoid displaying it in generic, cardboard boxes. Instead, choose display boxes that catch the eyes, and the attention, of your customers. Display boxes with bright colors, or lively animations, are more likely to draw customers in, which will increase your bulk candy sales.

Think About the Movies

If you're not thinking about the movies when you order your candy, you're missing out on a key market. Many people forgo the high price of theater candy and opt for the choices that markets provide. However, they're going to be looking for the bagged candy that's displayed on pegboards, or the theater box candies. To make sure you're cashing in on the movie crowd purchases, be sure to stock your store with a variety of pegboard and theater box candies.

Price to Sale

When it comes to candy, shoppers like to make sure they're getting the best deal. In fact, many shoppers will buy a few more pieces of candy if they think it's on sale. That's where the right pricing comes in handy. Instead of advertising your candy as .50 each, advertise it as 2/$1. Shoppers will think they're getting a bargain which means you'll sell more candy.

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10 July 2017

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