3 Ways To Maintain A Can Seamer


If you work in the beverage industry and want to keep your overhead costs steady while ensuring the quality of your shipments, it is important to take care of your can seamer. Whether you employ an angelus seamer or any other model, it will be worth your time to learn some maintenance strategies. By using the tips below, you will get the greatest performance possible from your can seamer and will make it last for years. 

#1: Perform regular inspections of your can seamers

To get the most from your can seamer, there should be regular inspections to ensure quality performance. A routine inspection can be the difference between getting great performance and dealing with a machine failure. Keep daily logs on the way that your machine operates, and always have a team of technicians on staff. The ability to jump on issues as they arise keeps your production process on task. Be sure that you continuously test out the vacuum gauge, and be sure that the machinery is maintaining pressure levels. You should also ensure that you are checking fluids, such as the can seamer oil and vacuum pump lubricants.

#2: Know when you need to revamp your can seamers

Any time that you have been running a canning process for many years, you may come across a situation in which it is time to rebuild and revamp the machinery. There are a lot of contractors that can handle these rebuilds for you to get your machinery up to the current technology without having to replace it entirely. This mostly involves swapping out the core internal components and upgrading them with modern pieces. In doing this, make sure that the company cover the rebuilt with a warranty that is worth the value of the machinery.

#3: Buy a repair plan for the can seamer

It is very important that you bring in professionals for heavy-duty repairs on the can seamer. These professionals will assist you in setting up a repair contract, so they can handle extensive repairs on a scheduled basis. Some of the maintenance and repair work that they handle include full phase mechanical maintenance, adjusting the heads and ensuring overall performance out of the pneumatic systems. By getting your hands on one of these plans, you'll be able to prepay for the repair and know that your machinery works properly.

If you follow these tips, you can count on great performance from your can seamer.


7 June 2017

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