3 Features To Look For When Buying A Barcode Scanner To Help Manage Your Inventory


Whether you sell to the public or other businesses, a reliable barcode scanner makes easy work of managing inventory. Here are a few important features to look for when comparing barcode scanners to buy for your management and sales needs:


One of the most important features to look for when choosing a barcode scanner to manage your inventory with is multi-functionality. You don't want to have to purchase one barcode scanner to keep inventory with and another to sell it with when you can make use of an all-in-one product that allows you to process and manage incoming inventory, control and keep track of pricing, and complete transactions at the point-of-sale. Make a list of all the inventory management processes your business uses so you can use it as a guide when comparing barcode scanners and ensure that nothing important is overlooked.

Wireless Functionality

With wireless functionality, you can capture the data you need onto multiple types of wireless devices including laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. The information can be stored on a cloud and shared between devices for easy access no matter where you're at or what your situation is. The line of sight differs from model to model, so make sure that you choose an option that allows for enough line of sight that you can use it throughout your entire inventory warehouse and storefront without having to move your computer or other device as you go. While some barcode scanners offer just 20 or 30 feet of line of sight, others offer upwards of 150 feet! So, it should be easy to find a product that meets your specific needs when it comes to the data capturing and management of your inventory.

Extended Warranty Options

Most if not all barcode scanners that you consider purchasing will come with a manufacturers' warranty that covers defects, but you should be able to purchase an extended warranty for the product you decide to buy so you don't have to pay for repairs as wear and tear sets in. Ask for a copy of all the extended warranties that are available for each scanner you consider investing in so you can compare them and determine which offer the most protection at the most affordable prices. When comparing overall prices of the barcode scanners you're interested in, keep the warranty pricing in mind so you have a clear idea of how much the product you choose will actually cost you overall.


26 April 2017

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