Formulating Components With Technique And Precision - Options In Extruded Medical Tubing


When you need specialized components for your medical process, it's important that you acquire the strongest parts possible. However, without a full understanding of the way they're manufactured, you may find yourself in the dark and struggling to make the right selections for your inventory. Expanding your knowledge of that process will help you expand the options available to your firm.

Below, you'll find a guide to understanding some of the options available in extruded medical tubing. With access to the right equipment, you can have faith in your ability to provide the best patient care, and you can be sure that the necessary precautions are taken to perform every procedure with maximum accuracy.

Single Lumen Extrusions

Everyone's body is different enough that standardized equipment may not always get the job done. In these cases, single lumen extrusions can literally be a lifesaver, as these tubes have the flexibility to be custom ordered to complete a specific task for a specific patient.

Whether you're struggling to find a catheter of the correct size or you need to perform pressure relief or fluid evacuation in other parts of the body, a custom single lumen extruded tube can perform the job quickly and safely. Your tubing firm will be focused on rapid turnaround times, guaranteeing your patients get the relief they need as quickly as possible.

Double Lumen Extrusions

Sometimes, a specific fit is less important than making sure you have access to strength and stability. In those occasions, double lumen tubing may be the best product to handle high volume or other difficult medical circumstances.

While you may be sacrificing some of the customization and the flexibility that comes with single lumen tubing, a double lumen extruded tube will be able to be held firmly in place. These can paradoxically be an excellent choice for tubing in hard to reach areas, as they're less likely to be damaged or accidentally removed as a patient shifts and squirms.

Heat Shrink Extrusions

When the most important feature of the tube you need is a firm fit and minimal fluctuation, a heat shrink extruded tube may be the right decision. These tubes can be designed to meld directly to the affected site, and are able to form perhaps the snuggest fit against a patient's skin. The heat shrink technology should minimize the possibility for cracks and breaks that can come with more flexible areas, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.

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22 April 2017

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